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1. The WhiteStripe “Free Bounce Call”  and Whitepaper Response

Perhaps you have a question. Perhaps just an issue or some ideas about what you want to do and you want to bounce it off someone who’s independent and intelligent about direct marketing.  We set up a call or an in-person meeting and you tell us what you’re thinking.  We’ll tell you what we think there and then. 

We call that the “Bounce Call”.  That part is free. 

If you agree, we’ll scope the issues raised during the bounce meeting or call and propose the number of hours it will take us to respond purposefully.  Our more formal Whitepaper Response is in the shape of an outline of how we see it and how it could be improved or enhanced for maximum returns.  This Whitepaper Response usually takes between five to fifteen business days to prepare.

If you’re working on a pitch or urgent situation we can work with you to build the plane while we’re flying it as it were.

Market Analysis

2. The WhiteStripe Plan Check

You have a plan.  The plan’s much like last year’s – with a few updates.  Things are going OK, but not stellar.  Some things seems to be working, some not so well.  We’ll work through specific problem programs or the entire plan to help you identify potential improvements, changes or some new ideas to test.

Or maybe The Pandemic has changed everything you’ve ever planned for.  Maybe you need to re-think everything and you’re rebuilding the plan from zero.  We’ll help.

It’s like having a group of direct response specialists come on board for as long or as short a time as you like.  It won’t disrupt your current team.  It won’t affect your current client-agency relations.  It will give you a fresh look at how you are doing things.  It’s like HR just hired you the specialists you asked for on a short term basis.   

After we’ve reviewed all the plans and made improvement recommendations we’ll present our findings.  Usually this is in a two or three stage process.  You’ll decide at each stage if you want to move on to the next stage or the next level of detail.  This type of Plan Check engagement usually takes between 30-60 days.  You’ll know upfront once we’ve had a chance to scope out what you’re looking for.

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3.  The 7A's Plus WhiteStripe Planning

If you don’t really have much of a marketing plan yet.  We can help you with that too.  We have a robust process for examining a business’s potential growth options and turning it into a fully integrated marketing plan. 

Whether you run a start-up, small business or national company or perhaps you’re the new marketing director/manager for an established company, whether you’re in the B2C or B2B field, you’ll want to make your mark with some innovative marketing ideas. 

We can help you work through the performance marketing checklist to build a robust plan of action.

We’re flexible enough to do it your way or help you adopt our proven methodology that takes prospects and turns them into highly valued customers.

The 7A's Plus WhiteStripe Plan

  1. Awareness

  2. Acquaintance

  3. Attachment

  4. Affiliation

  5. Alliance

  6. Advocacy

  7. Accountability & Analytics


We’ll help you identify ways to move your potential and current customers up the value ladder.

Creating a Response Plan is an immersive process that requires some input from you and access to some of your data so we can analyze it. Don’t worry, we’ll do the heavy lifting.  Depending on the scope and scale this kind of a plan can take some time to work through. It’s going to be a lot cheaper than hiring new marketing specialists.

Online Workshop
Business Meeting

4.  WhiteStripe Bespoke Relationship Marketing Seminars


If you want to energize your marketing team and create a venue for serious discourse about your Direct Response Marketing perhaps we can help.  We create bespoke learning courses to be held at your company or by remote calls.  You’ll set the topic and time-availability and we’ll take care of the rest. 

We’ve developed seminars for clients who’ve asked these sorts of diverse questions:

“Our direct mail results are lackluster, but it’s still key to our acquisition success how can we get back on track?”   

“On average, our customers receive about 15 emails a month from us, but many either don’t open them or unsubscribe – everyone in the team has got a different solution. What’s best practice?”

“Our Direct Response TV brings the most potential new customers, but our mail generates the most valuable, how do we allocate budgets when most people’s last touch is the web?”

“We have lots of programs, but our CEO keeps asking why we don’t use direct mail.  Should we?”

“Is Radio an option for our new customer acquisition?  Isn’t everyone listening online these days? ”

“Does having a printed, monthly newsletter make any sense in today’s digital economy?”

“Our B2B sales team all have their own email lists of customers.  Do we need Salesforce or something?”

“We’ve been tasked with building a database of potential customers – where do we start?”

We know every business is distinct and every marketing team has different players with different skills sets and different motivations. We’ll discuss with you what the underlying goal is for the seminar and build the agenda around that. Every seminar should be grounded in what you’re already doing, bolstered with energetic examples of that competitors and leaders are doing and funnel into a new plan or ways to improve current status quo.  It must have the team’s buy in to be successful.

Typically clients don’t want a whole team or big chunks of their teams away from their desks or inaccessible for a whole day.  We generally organize Direct Response Seminars to last 5 hours or two back-to-back 3-hour days. 

We’d like to propose the right solution for you.


We’ll follow up with you shortly and start the conversation. Just fill in your details on the “Contact Us” page.

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