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What’s Our Story?

We formed WhiteStripe to offer our collective experience and knowledge to clients who are looking to jumpstart some specific aspect of their Direct Marketing or seeking help building a fully integrated Marketing Plan.

Much of the time we work with agencies who invite us to join their current teams and add this kind of high-level direct marketing thinking to particular projects for a client on an ad hoc or ongoing consultative basis.

We’d like to share our experience in the fields of Direct Marketing, Relationship Marketing and CRM if you'd like some help.. 

Some of us began our careers in diverse fields like Law, Mathematics, Geology and Coding.  A few of us read Communications at university.  We’ve all spent many years at corporations building marketing plans and tinkering around testing variations that improve performance and ROI.  Some showed tiny improvement in huge campaigns that made a lot of money for clients.  Some made huge improvements in some tiny campaigns for clients that were just getting going.  A few tests fell short of the control champions, but taught us what was working and helped make the champions even better.


A retail barcode or squished piano keyboard?


White and Stripe just happen to be the last names of our two original founders.  They seem to go together rather well.  The barcode is supposed to remind everyone of our mission to increase sales.  If you’re at all business minded that’s probably what you’ll see.  A handful of people will see that it’s actually part of a squished piano keyboard.  It’s supposed to represent the art that goes with the science of what we do.  It gives you a bit of insight into who we are and how we think.


 Guy White

Having had the exceptional good fortune to learn directly from some of the very best in the industry, I strive to pass it on to others whenever possible.


As a marketing and communications strategist and business development leader I have spent my career integrating campaigns across channels: offline and online advertising, direct marketing, CRM, event and diversity marketing.

I happen have a real penchant for direct mail.

I am as comfortable in a C-Suite as I am rolling up my sleeves and laboring in dark edit suites and far flung research focus labs and pouring over data analysis to deliver (and in many cases launch) major business-generating response marketing ideas for global companies. Companies like: American Express, AT&T, IBM, Microsoft, Nestle, Dish Network, General Motors and Infiniti/Nissan.  

I have worked in London, New York and Miami handling international businesses in multiple regions around the world for agencies like Ogilvy, McCann and MARCA.

I have also owned and managed online businesses (such as TheThingsI Want) 

and a customer care call center servicing major clients across Latin America. 

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